To be there for humans

Medicaroid’s Robot is to serve and assist humans, not to replace humans.
hinotori™ was developed as a robotic assisted surgery system to reproduce surgeon’s sensitive movement, which is essential for surgeries. What made this possible is Kawasaki Heavy Industry‘s robot technology cultivated for over 50 years and Sysmex Corporation’s network and knowledge in the healthcare field. Medicaroid will pursue the development of new features and service to realize the non-invasive patient-friendly surgery.

Open operating space
in sterile area

The unique compact setup of operation arms provides wide operating space in sterile area and results in the enhancement of surgeon’s productivity.

Human-like sophisticated movement

Less interference of robot arms

Eight-axis operation arms move smoothly just like human arms.
The motion of arms are expected to reduce arm-to-arm or arm-to-assistant interference for smoother surgery.

Docking-free design

Pivot setting by software

Pivot, the supporting point of instrument, is set by software.
The workspace around trocar is clear because the arms do not need to be docked with trocars.

Vibrant high-definition image

Full high-vision 3D system provides high definition image to assist the accurate surgery.

Ergonomics design for various operating postures

Surgeon Cockpit is ergonomically designed in order to optimize the physical characteristics of humans.

The hinotori™ Surgical Robot System is regulatory approved for use only in Japan.

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