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Executive Vice President,Member of the Managing Board Koji Muneto / Chairman of the Board Yasuhiko Hashimoto / President and CEO Kaoru Asano / Executive Vice President Hirofumi Tanaka

Medicaroid Corporation was established in Kobe city, Hyogo prefecture in 2013 as a joint investment
between Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., and Sysmex Corporation, with one thought of mission, to support a society where everyone
including patients, their families, and medical professionals can live peacefully through our medical robots.
Since our establishment, we aim to solve needs and challenges in a sophisticated, diversified medical environment
through our medical robots, and we have continuously maintained communication with medical professionals.
During this time, with high expectations on medical robots and the progress in minimal invasive treatment to reduce the burden on the patient, we have been working on the development of an endoscopic robot-assisted surgical system since 2015.
And after 5 years of development, we are pleased to provide the hinotori TM surgical robot system.
As the robot market in the medical field is expanding in the world, we are receiving high expectations from many for our highly anticipated robot from Japan.
We seek to provide a robot-assisted surgical system born in Kobe, not only for Japan but overseas, and we will engage in contributing to global healthcare.
Medicaroid’s goal is to create medical robots that are not intended to replace humans, but to serve and support humans.
We will provide a wide range of products to not only the surgical field but for places in need of robots for testing, diagnosis, and treatment, and we will create innovation that will change people’s lives.
We, at Medicaroid will commit ourselves to contribute to our prosperous society where everyone, including patients, their families, medical professionals can live peacefully through our medical robots.