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Our strength

Kawasaki Heavy Industries & SYSMEX

Medicaroid was established in 2013 as a joint investment between Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., a leading company in industrial robotics, and Sysmex Corporation, a manufacturer of testing and diagnosis technologies with a wide network in the medical field.
By combining the industrial robot technology of Kawasaki Heavy Industries and the medical knowledge of Sysmex,
we can offer new value to everyone.

~Kawasaki Heavy Industries and its industrial robot technology~

In 1969, Kawasaki Heavy Industries succeeded in the first industrial robot made in Japan.
Ever since, along with Japanese manufacturing development, the company has expanded their business as a pioneer of industrial robots
with great support from customers in various fields.
Kawasaki Heavy Industry, contributing Japanese technology in supporting the world industrial robot market,
has achieved the development and delivery of a collaborative robot that works safely next to humans (’duAro’ dual-arm SCARA robot).
By providing robots that can coexist with humans, Medicaroid applies this technology and expertise to a robot-assisted surgical system
to support the delicate surgeries performed by medical professionals in a limited operating space.

~Sysmex technology, expertise, and wide network within the medical field~

Sysmex succeeded in the first blood cell counters (Hematology analyzers) made in Japan, and for more than 50 years in the healthcare field, the company has supported people from over 190 countries in the world.
Sysmex holds the top share of the global market in the hematology field, and provides remote maintenance for products using
IoT technology, 24 hours, 365 days of customer service as well as academic support to share the latest clinical study knowledge
for all the customers around the world to use the products with confidence.
Medicaroid applies this technology and expertise to medical robots such as the robot-assisted surgical system to support
an environment for medical professionals to perform surgeries with confidence.

Medicaroid’s medical robots fully contain the technology and expertise of Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Sysmex.
Medicaroid will bring confidence to everyone including patients, their families, and medical professionals by providing medical robots
including the robot-assisted surgical system with the technology and expertise of both companies.
Medicaroid creates medical robots that are not intended to replace humans, but to serve and support humans.

Open platform concept

Medicaroid Corporation has established an open-platform concept for its product development and commercialization.
By working together with Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. and their robot technology, Sysmex Corporation with their years of experience in the healthcare field,
and the government, academia, medical institutions, and corporations with their expertise,
we aim to provide satisfying products to serve the medical environment in an accurate and prompt manner.
From the start of the development, we will reflect the voices of medical professionals in our products,
and we will develop and commercialize in cooperation with specialized companies.