Our mission is to develop medical robotic solutions
that will help everyone live healthier, more peaceful lives.

Privacy Policy

Medicaroid Corporation and Medicaroid, Inc. (Called "MEDICAROIDs") handle Personal Information appropriately based on the recognition of the significance of protection of Personal Information in accordance with the following policy:

1. Utilization purpose of Personal Information

MEDICAROIDs may use Personal Information obtained by a proper means in accordance with relevant Japanese laws and regulations, etc. in the businesses operated by them within the scope necessary for the following purposes:

  1. Proposal, shipping or delivery of products or service for Customer
  2. Development of products or service
  3. Purchasing of material, goods or service
  4. Response to inquiry from Customer
  5. Acceptance of application, communication to person desiring to work for MEDICAROIDs, or notification of acceptance in recruiting activity
  6. Execution of the businesses operated by MEDICAROIDs

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2. Control of Personal Information

MEDICAROIDs control Personal Information appointing a chief privacy officer in accordance with the internal regulations concerning the handling of Personal Information. In addition, it has taken actions in information systems to prevent any leakage of Personal Information.

User information collected by Google Analytics is managed in accordance with the privacy policy of Google. Please review the Google's website for its privacy policy. MEDICAROIDs assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any damage or loss caused by the use of Google Analytics.

3. Third-party provision of Personal Information

MEDICAROIDs will not provide Personal Information to a third party without the prior consent of the Principal except in cases set forth in Japanese laws and regulations.

4. The "businesses operated by MEDICAROIDs" are as follows:

Marketing, development, design, manufacturing, sales, and after sales service of Medical Robots


Medicaroid Corporation is building an organization for the marketing,
development, manufacturing, and servicing of medical robots..