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Gentle and Attentive Assistance For Better Life
By creating our medical robots, we support an aging society in which everyone can live in peace.

In an era when life expectancy is increasing globally and the medical community faces demands for ever more diverse and advanced care, people are seeking non-invasive treatments for their reduced physical strain, and are increasingly looking to medical robots to provide those services.

Medicaroid was established in 2013 by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, a leader of the industrial robotics industry, and Sysmex, a manufacturer of testing and diagnosis technologies and mainstay of the medical sector, who have invested in Medicaroid jointly as a marketing vehicle with a view to developing medical robots.
The company's name is a portmanteau of "medical" and "android."

The market for robots designed to operate in the medical and welfare sectors is predicted to expand worldwide. Some estimates say that it will be worth two trillion yen by 2030.

Medicaroid is based at the Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster. Here, we are starting with marketing activity, talking to medical professionals and ascertaining specific needs. Starting in 2015, we will begin developing and distributing products designed to meet those needs relating to testing, diagnosis, and treatment.

Development systems will be open platform; we will seek the participation of the corporate, government, academic, and medical communities, and we look forward to working in close cooperation with all partners.

We do not believe medical robots to be a replacement for human care. Our aim is to make robots that serve and assist humans.

Join us on a journey of innovation and discovery.