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Kawasaki × Sysmex = Strength of Medicaroid

The strength of Medicaroid is the ability to provide new value to customers by combining Kawasaki's industrial robot technology and Sysmex's comprehensive knowledge in the healthcare field.

Kawasaki's Industrial Robot

Kawasaki(KHI) succeeded in developing Japan's first industrial robot. It developed its industrial robot business alongside the development of Japan's manufacturing capability, guided by strong support from customers. In the global industrial robot market, the share of Japanese robots is 55%.
However, in the medical robot field, American robots account for about 80% of the market. Medicaroid is advancing development of medical robots with the hope that Japan's technology in supporting the world's industrial robot market along with KHI's technology and knowledge are applicable to the medical field with a robotic assisted surgery system.

As an example, KHI has developed the SCARA robot (dual arm robot) which can work together with humans, reducing cost and time for robotics introduction, and expanding the target scope. Medicaroid is planning to apply this fundamental technology to support healthcare professionals to perform precise surgery in a limited surgical space, and to improve safety and reliability.
Medicaroid's ideal robot is one that coexists with humans, serves humans, and extends the ability of humans.

Sysmex's Business Experience in the Medical Industry

Sysmex has over 50 years of history and experience in the healthcare field and provides products and support to over 190 countries. Sysmex has the world's largest share in the hematology area and has been providing a sense of security to healthcare professionals through enhancements and standardization of technology in diagnostic testing.

Customer support utilizing IoT technology is a service characteristic of Sysmex. For customer's sense of security, this service provides support 24/7/365 through its call center and field engineers, in addition to failure analysis by a remote monitoring and remote maintenance network system.
The overseas subsidiaries also provide service appropriate to their local environment. A recent user survey (IMV ServiceTrak) by a US research company on hematology devices shows that Sysmex America received the highest score of customer satisfaction for service in the US for 12 years in a row.
This knowledge is transferable to Medicaroid's business, so we aim to provide service for healthcare professionals to always utilize our medical robots with this sense of security.

The following article highlights "SOT VerciaTM Vercia operating table", released in 2017.